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Granite or Metal Tile

We are delighted to be working in partnership with QR Memories to enable us to offer our families a unique new way to remember a loved one when space on a memorial is limited.
A QR code can be cut into Granite or metal and placed unobtrusively onto the memorial. It is linked to a webpage where words, pictures and even video can be used to remember. The website, once created offers anyone who scans the code, making a person who has died into a person who has once lived.

Crystal Blocks

These beautiful keepsakes can be used to remember a loved one even when there is no memorial to visit.

A bespoke option, the crystal blocks can hold any 3D image of your choice - from a symbol - to a word or words of remembrance.

The blocks are even available to hold a tea light.

QR Memories


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QR Memories
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